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About Us

Fidar Kian Fulad co

Fidar Kian Fulad co. is a global exporter and distributor company which it operates as an international and local steel merchant.
Providing trustable intermediate between manufacturers and end users, solid durable network and an international trustworthy environment lead us to be a pole in steel market products firm.
 Based on the latest technologies in the market and according the needs of customers by providing excellent products we rolled as constant supporter between customers and manufactures
Since the company establishment, we have been committed to providing services and devoting ourselves to our customers and suppliers.
Our connections by the major manufacturers in Iran and foreign providers  such as: CIS, MENA, GCC manufacturers and suppliers causes to present the best service in price and quality to customers.

Please find as follow main foreign manufacturers that they are in connection by Fidar Kian Fulad Co.