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Raw Materials


HBI (Hot Briquette Iron)


Pig Iron

Semi-finished products

square blooms

square billets


Rolled finished products

Hot rolled long products

Heavy Sections : H,I, U beams


Squares, Hexagons and Octagons, flats

Small U sections

Angles (Equal/ Un Equal)

T sections with equal flanges

Bulb flats

Rolled finished products for reinforcement and pre-stressing of concrete

Deformable bars for reinforcing concrete be supplied as rod in coil and bars in length (D- Bars)

Railway track and similar material


Finished flat products

Hot Rolled plate and sheet and Coil (HRC)

Cold Rolled plate and sheet and Coil (CRC)

Coated hot or cold rolled flat products

Tinplate in sheet and Coil 

Tin coated sheet and Coil

Chromium/Chromium oxide-coated sheet and Coil (ECCS)

Zinc coated sheet and Coil (dipping / electrolytically )  (Galvanized coil/sheet)

Aluminium/Aluminium-Silicon alloy coated sheet and Coil (Aluminized)

Lead-tin alloy coated sheet and Coil (terne plate)

Aluminium-zinc alloy coated sheet and Coil (Galvalume)

Zinc-nickel alloy coated sheet and Coil

Pre-Painted Steel Coil (PPGI/PPGL)



Aluminum Ingot A7 or A5

Garnet#80 and #85 (Utilized in Water Jet Cutting)

Prim Stock and Non-Prime Steel Products